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PRODUCT WATCH: JUNE & CEW Newsletter - June 2017

Time Resist from Yon-Ka Paris Executive credit: Katherine Tomasso, National Director of Education for Yon-Ka How it works: These duo products, AM/PM, work in tandem to control the effects of both intrinsic aging factors (stem cell degradation, glycated proteins, hormonal shifts) and extrinsic aging factors (pollution, stress, fake foods). Waitlist worthy: The products boast a proprietary Youth Activating Complex that aims to protect the skin’s reparative properties. Aside from a naturally intoxicating scent of sweet orange blossoms, Time Resist features a wrinkle-smoothing, daytime cream and a complementary evening formula that optimizes the reparative process of sleep. Marketing plan: “Yon-Ka Paris partnered with our spa clients nationwide for an exclusive pre-launch of Time Resist, prior to it being available for consumer purchase,” said Katherine. “Our goal for this six-week period/pre-consumer launch was specially geared to give our professional partners a chance to become familiar with the product, while giving us feedback for future consumer-based marketing.” New strategy: “Last month we began a 20-city national education tour, exclusive for Yon-Ka Paris certified professionals and spas,” said added. “This program further educated our ambassadors on the features, formulations and benefits of the product while giving our guests a special opportunity to experience a forthcoming product.” Get it: Available on Both AM/PM will retail for $240, or $120 each.