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Posh Beauty Blog - July 14, 2015

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"Yon-ka Paris' high UVA – UVB broad spectrum protection cream is perfect for fair skin and all skin types when exposed to intensive sunlight. Key Ingredients: Hydrating, revitalizing, regenerating; apricot kernel oil, vegetable glycerin. Soothing, softening; bisabolol, vitamin B5, licorice extract. Anti-oxidant, protecting, and regenerating; vitamin E, three teas polyphenols and vitamin A ($55, Eau Micellaire is a cleansing water, perfect for the beachy, summer weather because Eau Micellaire tones, refreshes, enlivens and promotes youthful skin with every application without causing irritation. Micellaire technology allows this cleansing water to combine expert make-up removing agents and anti-aging prevention elements to capture impurities and remove make-up. This ultra-efficient cleanser provides a fast and luxurious tonic that instantly removes all traces of makeup from the face, eyes and lips in one simple step with no water needed "