Moisturize dry skin and restore it back to its natural comfortable balance. Yon-Ka offers a wide range of products that are formulated to be perfect for all skin types from dry all the way to oily, and everywhere in between. Find the perfect match for you skin today, and be on your way to comfortable moisturized skin.

  • AM

    To perfectly address your individual needs, choose from Yon-Ka’s wide range of moisturizers that are for all day use. With anti-aging properties, these protective treatment moisturizers are your perfect first step to restore your skin to a comfortable moisturized level.

  • AM/PM

    Yon-Ka’s day and night moisturizers are your perfect all-in-one cream for day and night use.

  • PM

    Yon-Ka’s night-time moisturizers are great to use overnight as a means to optimize the reparative process of rest. When you wake up your skin feels soft and moisturized.