Yon-Ka ESSENTIALS is a complete cleansing range, which constitutes the necessary first step towards your skin's good balance. True "skin conditioners", they gently purify and optimize the effectiveness of your everyday beauty care regimen.

  • Basic Essentials

    Indulge your skin in the most important first steps towards keeping the skin in a balanced and beautiful state. Rich in plant based cleansing and conditioning ingredients, Essentials will help to optimize the effectiveness of all Yon-Ka Paris products.

  • Anti-Aging

    Offering expert anti-aging treatments, the complete range of products consists of 3 tenets:
    1. Age Defense - Prevention and protection from the first signs of aging.
    2. Age Correction - Corrective Treatments for lack of firmness and wrinkles.
    3. Age Exception - Revolutionary expert care for the exceptional needs of mature skin.

  • Moisturizers

    Moisturize dry skin and restore it back to its natural comfortable balance with our wide range of products that are formulated to be perfect for all skin types from dry all the way to oily, and everywhere in between.

  • Revolutionary Anti-Aging

    Turn back the clock on your skin, through using our most advanced specially formulated products designed to reprogram the skin’s youth code, and act on all signs of aging including wrinkles, firming, dark spots, dehydration and radiance.

  • Specific Care

    Widely used by spa treatment professionals and recognized worldwide for their efficiency, Yon-Ka’s Specific line provides an expert response to the most difficult skins. These products address issues such as acne, redness, and dark spots. They naturally work to protect and heal the skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion that you can feel proud of.

  • Revitalizing

    Balance normal to oily skin, and restore your skins natural glow, softness and vitality. This three step revitalizing starter kit is perfect for those looking to take back control of their skin and restore it to its previous glow.

  • Hydrating

    This hydration starter kit is perfect for people suffering from dry uncomfortable skin. Immediately feel relief as your skin becomes softer, more supple, and comfortable.

  • Eye & Lip Contours

    Choose from a range of products specifically designed for the most delicate areas of the face. With 3 targeted benefits: Puffiness/dark circles, wrinkles, and nourishing hydration, and 3 unique textures, our complete product line is customizable allowing users to benefit from its full range of services.